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Friday, 08 February 2008 Print E-mail
Promotion of the WFC 2008
Preparations for the December´s 2008 WFC have been in full motion for a couple of months. The closer is the championship the bigger is the question whether maximum has been or still can be done for the WFC promotion and whether the WFC will be successful from the point of attendance and media interest. So we interviewed tournament´s Promotion CEO, Štěpán Motejlík, on the topic.

WFC2008What are the first steps of the organization board regarding promotion?
I have to put one thing first: the WFC promotion has been running for the whole of last year in a variety of ways. We started on the international events and later within the scope of last year´s Fortuna Extraliga playoffs broadcast where the WFC already had its place on the banners as well as on the April´s national team meeting in Brno. The fall of 2007 has brought a more intensive communication which resulted in banners being supported by a sponsorship space ensured during the Czech Television broadcasts. From on the 2007 Fortuna Czech Open tournament there is a WFC stand on every national and major floorball event which provides those who are interested with useful information about the event itself but also about host towns, their sights, transport options, accommodation etc.

Which interesting events are planned for this year?
This year we will be already focusing on a continuous, regular communication. It will be started by a major press conference on February 14, 2008 which will be held in an exclusive environment of the Sazka Arena´s Hall of Fame, i. e. the most modern venue of the Czech Republic, where WFC finalists will play their game on December 14. Additionally, there will be regular information in the media nationwide but the communication is going to culminate in this year´s fall as well as the campaign itself. Support contests in newspapers, radio, websites etc. are also planned. People should have fun and remember the WFC day by day on the same time.

Do you have an idea what is the progress in WFC´s international promotion?
Undoubtedly, the 2008 WFC is the most internationally promoted championship in history. The beginning dates back to 2006 as special presentations for national federations began. For example, a special championship train is being prepared in cooperation with the Swedish national federation. WFC is to the fore on all major events where people involved meet and have a chance to get information about the WFC from our promotion staff (stands, leaflets, posters etc.). Contracts with travel agents who should bring the WFC fans are being finished or already prepared in a number of countries.

Can e.g. teams, schools or individuals take part in the promotion? If so, how?
The Czech Floorball Union has addressed all its member teams with an offer of cooperation regarding the WFC promotion. About 70 teams reacted straight away and expressed their interest of active support of the WFC. Dozens of applicants contact us via the WFC website wanting to become volunteers who help with running the tournament. As far as schools are concerned we are at the doorstep of the project for school kids but I cannot be more specific due to talks still in progress. We are also preparing a special offer to the schools in Ostrava for the preliminary games etc. The range should be really wide…

One of the promotional activities is establishing a celebrity team (of singers and actors) under the patronage of TOP Real which takes part in various floorball events. When does their next performance take place?
As far as media are concerned it is the above mentioned press conference in Sazka Arena on February 14, general public should have an opportunity to meet these personalities on single important floorball events which will be organized across the country.

And what is the main goal set by the promotion team?
The aim of promotion is certainly to make as many people as possible realise what a huge and great event is going to take place in the Czech Republic in December. Starting from the venues in which games will be played over excellent rosters to fantastic fans who are coming to join as at least from the major part of Europe if not from all over the world. To sum up – in the first week of December everyone should have an idea what is going on in Prague and Ostrava from December 6 to 14 and even better – should already have a ticket (laugh). Now seriously – we are doing our best to make the promotion of the championship more than adequate not even throughout the year but also shortly prior to the start, so that it would support a perfectly organized event in its final success which is the already mentioned historical “attendance medal” for the Czech Republic and an event which will long be remembered not only by the floorball community.