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Czech Republic

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Organizers of the 2008 WFC presented the championship in Ostrava


Floorball World Championship which will take place in the Czech Republic in December enjoys being in the media spotlight. On the press conference in Ostrava, the questions of the media correspondents were answered by the following: Filip Šuman, the President of the Czech Floorball Union, Jan Jirovský, Rolf Franke and Petr Seďa – WFC Organization Committee members, Tomáš Sladký, Czech national team player and international Swiss champion and, last but not least, Mgr. Lubomír Pospíšil, undersecretary of the mayor of Ostrava.

The Championship starts on December 6th in Ostrava´s ČEZ Arena. Here, questions of e.g. accommodation or transportation are being adjusted in these days. “A large number of people will be participating on the Championship and we are pleased at the imminent support of the municipality,“ Rolf Franke appreciates, adding: “There should be a big run about the tournament, at least according to the attendance rates of the first division matches. There are two top teams in Ostrava plus the nearby Havířov and Třinec. Schools should also be interested – there is a fan contest being prepared for the kids. Thus we are expecting an excellent atmosphere.”

In addition, the truth is that Ostrava is a city dedicated to sports and the November´s tournament of the Euro Floorball Tour series has already proven that there should be no worry about the audience. “A big interest can really be expected. Still, floorball has brought itself into the people´s notice. Moreover, it is becoming a number one school sport. I think that WFC games should be primarily recognized by the youth. I believe that there will be a sell-out in both venues, “Mgr. Lubomír Pospíšil, undersecretary of the mayor of Ostrava, claimed on the conference. He also confessed: “We consider the championship as one of the most important events of this year. The tournament should be a significant promotion for Ostrava and draw attention to the city nationwide as well as internationally. Personally, I am very delighted at this event to be taking place in right here in Ostrava.”

So that the tournament could turn into reality, a number of volunteers must to contribute to its organization. About 250 to 300 are said to be needed. Not only Czech candidates are signing up, but also those from other countries, e.g. Hungary, Switzerland or Latvia. “We are surprised at this interest. As far as volunteers are concerned, most of them are between 15 to 25 years of age. But even a twenty years older candidate is no exception. Of course we have already had a chance to test some of the candidates in action and we are going to keep on testing them. They took part in the December tournament in Ostrava and appeared also in Teplice where the junior national team met Finland in a three-game series. It is impossible to involve anyone into the organization process without this. Not only for technical reasons but we also need to see everyone´s reaction right on the spot. It would be a huge risk to let somebody step into the organization team without being tested beforehand,” knows Jan Jirovský.

Even the players themselves are looking forward to the home championship. “The motivation to play on the World Championship is huge. I am passing by the ČEZ Arena every second day. I always stop for a while, take a look at the venue and say to myself: well, perhaps I could play there in a six month´s time. And I am going to do everything to make this happen,” promises Tomáš Sladký, Czech national team player currently on the service of Swedish champion SV Wiler.