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WFC 2008

Monday, 04 August 2008 Print E-mail
The Final day is being the biggest lure
About six months prior to the 2008 WFC, more than twelve thousand tickets have already been sold with the final day being the biggest lure. If you do not want to miss out the meeting of world´s top floorball players, you had better hurry up.

“Thanks to immense seating capacity of the venue there are still enough tickets available. However, the sooner you buy the better seats you get,” says Filip Šuman, the chief of the 2008 WFC Organizing Committee.

The interest in the Czech 2008 World Championship is on the rise, both nationwide and internationally. Official package tours to the World Championship in the Czech Republic are being offered in seven different countries. For each day of the championship, about four thousand seats are reserved for these tours. A few hundreds of tickets are blocked-out also for the preliminaries which will be played in Ostrava.

Many international fans purchase their tickets on-line using the service of Sazkaticket.cz. According to Filip Šuman, there is no need to worry that tickets currently reserved for travel agents would finally forfeit resulting thus in empty seats which has been a common picture in the past years. “We have learnt a lesson from the past championships when travel agents reserved even more tickets and, moreover, had the opportunity of returning unsold tickets on the eve of the event. In our case, travel agents are required to return unsold ticket at least two months before the tournament but as to their preliminary reports there will not be many of those, if any.” 

If you like to spend the Sunday afternoon of December 14th in the company of the world´s best floorball players you should definitely avoid buying your tickets in the eleventh hour. Organizers themselves bet on advance bookings and hope that fans are going to ensure their tickets in a reasonable time before the event although this is not really a common practice. “I think that tickets for the Preliminaries will most likely be available shortly ahead of the tournament.  However, the promotion is based on making fans buy their tickets as soon as possible although this has not been common for floorball events. But the world championship is certainly a class-of-its-own, truly exceptional event and, moreover, everyone wants to be the part of the battle for the audience medal – that is to reach the spot among the top three attendance rates in WFC history,” Filip Šuman confirms.