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Monday, 01 September 2008 Print E-mail
Finally green light for the 2008 WFC on-line press accreditation
The official on-line accreditation form for the upcoming 7th 2008 WFC in the Czech Republic has just been launched on the tournament´s official website www.wfc2008.cz. Both Czech and international media correspondents are allowed to register themselves until October 15th 2008.

Having completed the form, every applicant is going receives an e-mail confirmation that his request has been submitted but the fact itself does not automatically guarantee acquiring the press accreditation for the 2008 WFC. Every single request must pass though an authorization procedure supervised by the 2008 WFC Organizing Committee and only then applicants will be noticed whether they received the accreditation or not.

Using the application form, all applicants may choose from a number of official press-only hotels in Ostrava and Prague with e.g. high-speed Internet connection and a free-of-charge hotel-venue shuttle service available both to- and from the venues two times a day before the beginning of the first and at the end of the last game of the day. In addition, journalist may join an organized transfer from Ostrava to Prague for the weekend playoff session as the Preliminaries would be over. The transfer is scheduled on December 11th 2008 and on the distance of 350kms special reduced fee of 350 CZK (15 EUR) applies for press accreditation holders.

All media correspondents worldwide are kindly invited to the Czech Republic for the breakthrough world championship for which the December term is a premiere this year. We hope that with their help we will be able to show the world that this wonderful sport deserves its Olympic chance in the future.

Acreditation form to be found here.

Special offer regarding the hotel facilities to be found here.