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Tuesday, 28 October 2008 Print E-mail
Over 100 journalists already accredited for the 2008 WFC
More than 100 journalists from 12 different countries have already submitted their press accreditation forms in order to apply for the accreditation at the World Floorball Championship in the Czech Republic in December 2008. Although there are still a few weeks left before the championship sets off in Ostrava and Prague, accreditation deadline is – on the contrary – getting closer despite the fact that the original deadline date of October 15 has been prolonged until the end of the month!

The vast majority of more than 100 applications so far originate form the Czech Republic as expected but there were also some of them coming from 11 foreign countries! This means that in Prague and Ostrava there will be correspondents from the following countries: Poland, Switzerland, Germany, Slovakia, Serbia, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Latvia and Russia. However, much more of them are yet expected to enrol as their total number is estimated at nearly 200, tournament organizers say.

For those who haven´t sent their application yet we remind again that on-line accreditation form is available at the official website of the 7th World Floorball Championship in the Czech Republic www.wfc2008.cz. Having filled it in successfully, every applicant is sent an email confirmation letter automatically confirming the fact that his or her application has been submitted. This confirmation itself, however, does not guarantee acquiring the 2008 WFC press accreditation in any way. Every application form must pass the necessary procedure performed by the 2008 WFC Organizing Committee and only then applicants will be informed whether they were granted accreditation or not.

Applicants are also free to choose from the offer of official press hotels in Ostrava and Prague. Both accommodation facilities are located close to the major venues of the championship – Ostrava´s ČEZ Arena and Prague´s O2 arena, are fully equipped with Internet connection and, additionally, there will be a daily free-of-charge shuttle service for journalists. It will be operated on the way to the venues (before the first game of the day) and back (after the final game).

In the same online accreditation form there is a possibility of taking advantage of another offer from the organizers for those who interested. After the preliminary round in Ostrava is over the whole championship is moving to Prague where it climaxes with medal and placement games over the weekend. Thursday´s transfer scheduled for December 11, 2008  crossing the 350-kilometer distance from Ostrava to Prague is available for all accredited journalists for a special reduced fee of 350 CZK (15 EUR).