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WFC 2008

Tuesday, 18 November 2008 Print E-mail
Special EXEL WFC 2008 Collection Already on Sale

One of the International Floorball Federation partners, Exel company producing floorball equipment, prepared a special “championship” collection of floorball sticks and accessories for the forthcoming World Floorball Championship. The collection characteristically called “WFC” is already available for sale at the website www.floorballshop.cz.

“The entire collection was being designed for about six months,” reveals the details of preparation Petr Pluhař, representative of Charlies company, distributor of Exel in the Czech Republic. “We wanted the new sticks as well as other accessories to be different from other Exel products, so that at the very first sight it is apparent that the collection represents something extraordinary. Therefore, we chose a multicoloured checkerboard design, which is way different from other models,” adds Pluhař.

Thanks to the Championship, floorball players can get quality floorball sticks for interesting prices. “The best model WFC Master 2,7 is on sale for 1590 CZK. A comparable stick from another Exel collection usually costs more than 2000 CZK,” compares Pluhař and adds: “That was our goal. We want to offer goods for reasonable prices that will attract the attention of spectators and fans of the WFC.”

All the creative products were displayed for the first time at the women and junior tournament within EuroFloorball Tour in Prague. Then Charlies company started to offer the goods in its internet shop at www.floorballshop.cz and the products were also distributed in Gigasport, Sportissimo and other sports equipment stores. Of course they will be available throughout the World Championship in special stands.

And what does the collection contain? Floorball sticks WFC Master 2,7, WFC Master 3,0 and WFC Master 3,6. Furthermore, it includes a floorball stick bag, T-shirts, narrow and wide wristbands, headbands and a baseball cap, all in the same design.