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WFC 2008

Tuesday, 02 December 2008 Print E-mail
CT´s 2008 WFC website under construction
Czech Television, the host broadcaster of the 2008 WFC has decided to run a specialized floorball news website. Inspired by current successful projects “Football Live” and “Ice Hockey Live” the brand new website should be launched on the occasion of the upcoming World Championship held in Prague and Ostrava.

“It is great news for all floorball fans worldwide. They are given a unique opportunity to watch live broadcasts of games in both divisions. The ambition of the Czech Television, Czech Floorball Union and all other subjects involved in the project is to ensure live web broadcasts of all games of the championship,“ said Filip Šuman, the President of the Czech Floorball Union.

The web will be launched on Friday November 5. Floorball fans can enjoy not only the games but also other videos (e.g. player interviews) and all important information about the championship (tournament schedule, results, news on the Czech team etc.)

The project is also supported by the IFF who wished top-class floorball may be enjoyed even in those countries which not covered by the television broadcast.