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Friday, 05 December 2008 Print E-mail
Pospíšil: It is an honour for Ostrava to host the World Championship
Following the scenario proposed in advance by the Czech Floorball Union, the home World Championship takes place in two biggest floorball centres – Ostrava and Prague. Both hosting cities adopted the Championship and did their best for its successful preparation as well as course. In Ostrava, where the closely watched sports event is going to start tomorrow, the organization group and preparations were lead by Mr Lubomír Pospíšil, deputy mayor of the city of Ostrava.

What was your first reaction when the first idea of organization of the World Floorball Championship in Ostrava was revealed?
The first interest from the Czech Floorball Union arose approximately one and a half year ago and the city of Ostrava received it very positively. Floorball is a very strong sport in our region. There are two top teams in the men’s first league and floorball is also very popular among the youth. When the entire cooperation was agreed on, we immediately created a team that started working on intensive preparations.

What benefits did your direct involvement in the preparations offer to the organizers?
You know, when you organize such a big event, there are many officials around who plan what they want to do and how. But they have to have someone who knows the environment in which they are to work. We know our environment and thus we were able to elaborate many things with respect to local conditions. Each member of our group had a small team and together they dealt with various details. We got in touch with the police, who will support surveillance, with Ostrava Transport company that will provide buses for children from schools, etc.

How did you like cooperation with organizers from the Czech Floorball Union?
Floorball came up with its project after the World Youth Championship in athletics that was organized by a very professional team, in which I also had a few of my friends. So, I thought the target was set too high for the others. But cooperation with the floorball organizers was excellent as well.

What would you wish to the Czech World Championship a few hours before its start?
Besides fantastic spectacles and experiences from the game, I also wish for the Championship to have broader impact. To stimulate interest of the youth, and for the city of Ostrava to show that it is among big centres where events of similar extent should take place.

At the very end, would you guess the final position of the Czech team?
I will be glad if we win the bronze medal. And if we manage to get the silver medal, I will be even more satisfied.