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Czech Republic

Wednesday, 08 August 2007 Print E-mail
B Division Venues

WFC B Division Preliminary Group games will be played in the Ostrava´s ČEZ Arena minor hall with the capacity of 1000 spectators. The sports hall is just at several dozen meters distance from the main playing area and offers an easy opportunity to native visitors and floorball fans to visit also the games of countries they would hardly ever see under normal circumstances.

ČEZ Aréna On the contrary, the close proximity of both halls enables the fans of the Division B participating countries to keep in touch with the 2008 WFC as a whole.

The WFC 2008 preview will be the EuroFloorball Tour in November 2007 when the Czech Republic hosts men´s teams of Finland, Sweden and Switzerland.

Besides the Sazka Arena, there is one more venue at disposal for the WFC 2008 in Prague as well. Presumably it will be the so-called “New Sparta” which is a sports hall nearby the Sazka Arena currently under construction financed by the sports club AC Sparta Prague.