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WFC 2008

Monday, 08 December 2008 Print E-mail
Taldonov: Sweden plays at a different level
The Russian team lost against Sweden 1:18. The defending World Champions did not give many chances to the Russians and forced them to substitute goalkeepers in the half of the game already. “The Swedes are very strong. We wanted to focus on defence, but they play at a completely different level. They’re faster and stronger. Therefore, I’m satisfied with the game. Our performance was not bad but we cannot compete with the Swedes,” the Russian coach Sergey Taldonov commented on the game.

“We know how strong the Swedes are. I know some players from club games, for instance from games against Warberg. We were happy we managed to create some good opportunities,” said the defender Anatoly Bykov.

Russia is on the last position in Group A. They have not won a single point yet and tomorrow they are going to face Italy in their key game. The winner of this match can fight for the seventh position in this tournament, which still ensures direct qualification for the next World Championship.

“This game will be the most important for us. We would like to proceed from tight defence and rely on fast breakaways,” added the coach Taldonov.