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WFC 2008

Tuesday, 09 December 2008 Print E-mail
It is possible to contribute to the project “Floorball on Wheels” even at WFC
The three-year project “Floorball on Wheels”, whose aim is support of handicapped sportsmen, organization of sports activities, rental of sports halls, and purchase of sports wheelchairs, has been running in the Czech Republic since the end of November. It was started by the “2008 Minutes of Floorball” Marathon, where successful scorers paid for each goal they scored 2008 hellers, i.e. approximately 21 CZK, in favour of this charity event.

Nevertheless, the support of handicapped floorball players is still underway and you can join it at the running WFC as well. In ČEZ Aréna in Ostrava there is a moneybox for contributions of any amount and of course the organizers are ready to bring it to Prague as well.

If you are not going to watch the games live in any of the halls but you would still like to send your financial support for the floorball players, you can send a donation SMS in the form “DMS  NAKOLECH” to the number “87777”. The price of one donation SMS is 30 CZK, out of which 27 CZK will go straight to the “Floorball on Wheels” fund!

The main objective of the charity event is to gain as many financial funds as possible for purchase of special sports wheelchairs the handicapped enthusiasts might use to practice their favourite sport much easily. The price of one such special wheelchair is around 35 000 CZK and the floorball challenge is clear – can we together “equip” at least one complete floorball line, or even one full team, with the new “equipment”...?