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WFC 2008

Tuesday, 09 December 2008 Print E-mail
Austria won thanks to power plays
The first match of the fourth playing day started by a power play shot of the Slovenian forward Tomc. The play was on a high level, both team combined and you could se many dangerous actions.

Foto: Martin Neužil
The Austrians caught up thanks to the shot of Sendlhofer from a fixed situation. The Slovenians scored again when Šifrer uncompromisingly netted the ball. However, Bale speedily equalized. The Slovenians finally won the first period when Triller shot to the upper corner of the Austrian goal.

After the break the Slovenians somehow fell behind. They stopped forechecking and generally worsened their movement. The opponent punished – Hofer scored and also Sendlhofer from a free-hit. Moreover another shortcoming of the Slovenian team was back, frequent penalties. The same situation continued even in the third period. The Austrians increased the score by four precise goals and the Slovenians played with one-man short most of the time. They had several chances to reduce the goal difference but only Kržiče  succeeded in the fifty-fifth minute. The game was virtually ended by a five-minute penalty of Džafič followed by a red card for unsportsmanlike conduct.