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Saturday, 13 December 2008 Print E-mail
Twerdyk: The German tactics was perfect
At the moment when his team caught up with the three-goal gap and was in good mental mood, the opponents took a time-out. According to Roman Twerdyk, Polish national team coach, it was the best thing the Germans could have done in the Division B final game.

“Before the Germans took the time-out, we played perfect game. But the German coaches came up with this excellent tactical step, scored two quick goals afterwards, and this decided the game,” Twerdyk adds. Another reason for the loss could be a series of three long penalties in the first period, but the best player of the game and scorer of two goals, Oliwer Wrónski, refuses this: “I don’t think these penalties caused our loss. It was a long game and there were several similar moments. In my opinion, the Germans were better during the entire game and that’s why they won this match as well as the whole tournament.”

“There was not such a big difference in the game. Our problem was too many penalties,” thinks on the contrary Matijas Mikulski, Polish captain, author of three goals and two assists, who also congratulated the opponents on the win and acknowledged their excellent performances at the whole Championship.

Then, together with his coach, he congratulated the Germans on their victory and went to the dressing room .