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WFC 2008

Saturday, 13 December 2008 Print E-mail
Wyss: Thanks a lot to everybody
They came with a dream to qualify to the elite division and their plan became real. It is about the favoured Germans who beat Poland in the final match and left the rink of O2 arena with the gold medals.

The way to the title was not very hard for the Germans, anyway there were some moments when the coach Renato Wyss got certainly sweat. When the Polish players equalized the score from 1:4 to 4:4 Wyss called the players together and spoke to them during time-out: „I told them to shoot more, to be active in the finish and score a goal,“ revealed the coach. The players completely executed the command and gradually scored eleven goals to their opponent.

Even though they finally got seven goals, Wyss was convinced that his players would win: „You know, this is my last match that I lead as a main coach. At the next championship there will be another person by the team. I wish him good luck. I must say that today I have experienced the nicest moments with the German representation and I must thank to everybody who contributed to today's victory.“ Then the forward Andreas Gahlert, who scored four goals in today’s match, only confirmed that the gold medal is a sweet reward for the absolute performance of the entire team.