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Saturday, 13 December 2008 Print E-mail
Juul: We aimed higher
Group photo at the end, thanking and signatures for a bunch of loyal fans. For the Danes, the Championship ended victoriously but the disappointment from the ninth place was apparent in the coaches’ as well as players’ faces.

“Today it was quite good,” said the assistant coach Jesper Juul. “Our first period was not so bad, despite it ended up in a tie. The second period was a bit worse,” he mentioned goal-less twenty minutes, after which the score remained 1:1. “In the last period we scored some goals and that ensured success for us.”

As regards the result, the Danes did not succeed at the tournament. Before the Championship they did not really expect their first win to come as late as in the last game of the tournament. “Yes, we had different goals. We wanted to end up around seventh position, with a bit of luck even higher. From this point of view we are definitely not satisfied.” But for the organization and course of the Championship Juul had only words of praise. “The Czechs did a great job; the Championship was really excellent.”