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Saturday, 13 December 2008 Print E-mail
Sweden in their seventh final
The story continues. Sweden is heading for the defence of the title of World Champions. In the semifinal battle they defeated Switzerland 3:2 in overtime and will play in the final for the seventh time. The lucky scorer was Karl-Johan Nilsson, who slightly deflected the shot by Henrik Quist at the time 63:18.

Foto: Ondřej Klíma
The game between Sweden and Switzerland offered a dramatic spectacle. Switzerland opened the score of the game. After Gerber’s shot from the free hit the strong Patrick Mendelin managed to score in front of the goal.
But the world title defenders were heading for a turnaround in the score. At the beginning of the second period Martin Emanuelsson finished a nice combination of the second line and scored by a shot from the right wing. Ten minutes later, Magnus Svensson scored from the same place in a power-play.

The Swiss answer came at the end of the second period. During a delayed penalty call of Niklas Jihde, Markus Gerber scored after Antener’s pass by a hard wrist shot.
The third period did not offer any goals. Kimmo Eskelinen was very close to success but his shots from a distance ended only on posts of the Swiss goal. So, the game went into overtime, which was decided by Nilsson’s lucky shot with less than four minutes played.