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Saturday, 13 December 2008 Print E-mail
Skružný: When we don’t score from six goal opportunities, it’s a problem
When the coach Zdeněk Skružný appeared in the door of the press conference room, the expression in his face was difficult to recognize. Before sitting into the hot seat in front of the journalists, he congratulated his Finnish counterpart and exchanged a few sentences with him in silence. Then he willingly answered all questions.

The first ones related to the explanation why the Czech team did not manage to beat Finland: “We have here the best what Czech floorball can offer and it was not enough, you saw it with your own eyes,” Zdeněk Skružný said. Together with that he revealed a tactical plan he built for the Finns with his assistants: “We watched the Finnish scoring line carefully and wanted to have Aleš Zálesný’s line playing against them. But we weren’t always successful. Petteri found it out very quickly and always waited with the substitution until the very last moment.” The reason, why the tactical plan was not hundred percent successful, is a good work of Finnish coaches with an observer in the stands. He was able to watch in detail, which of the Czech lines will go on the court, and provide suitable information.

As regards the goalies, Zdeněk Skružný was satisfied with David Rytych’s performance: “David handled it well, but great thanks go to all players who answered the journalists’ questions neutrally. Tomáš Kafka proved to be a big character as well. We explained it to him; he agreed and promised to make David ready for the game.”

Nevertheless, despite all the positive information by Zdeněk Skružný it is true that he is definitely not satisfied with the result: “No, I’m really mad. When I was supposed to give an interview for the TV I had to go aside and calm down for a bit,” he described his emotions and explained them further only with difficulties. At the end, the Czech coach promised that the team will get well-prepared for the tomorrow’s game. But tonight at the dinner he would like to see smiles on the faces of Czech players...