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Sunday, 14 December 2008 Print E-mail
The fifth place goes to Latvia
Defensive tactics of the Latvian team brought them success in the 5th place game. Their opponents from Norway held the ball at their sticks much longer but the fast breakaways into their confused defence were deadly for the Scandinavians.

Foto: Martin Neužil
Quality defensive work of the Latvian team was apparent mainly in the first period, when the Norwegians did not manage to score a goal despite their significant pressure, whereas the Latvians managed to score three times.

And when at the beginning of the second period they added the fourth goal, the game seemed decided. The Norwegians did not lay their arms down, reduced the score before the end of the second part and managed to score an equalizer at the beginning of the last part.

But in a while the Latvians increased the gap to two goals again and the Norwegians had only five minutes left to turn the unfavourable score around. But the only thing they managed to get from the final pressure was a reducing goal by Olesen.