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Sunday, 14 December 2008 Print E-mail
Antener: Yesterday we played a similar game
Great relief was apparent in the eyes of the Swiss national team coach Peter Düggeli. His team managed to beat the Czechs in overtime and after yesterday’s unlucky loss with the Swedes they improved their mood by winning bronze medals.

Düggeli talked quietly but with a smile on his face: “I’m very happy for what we managed to do today. It was a fantastic spectacle today by the fans as well as the Czech team. I’m proud of my players for being able to handle this.” The key moment in the bronze medal game was the quick Swiss goal that stopped the increasing euphoria of the Czech team as well as fans. In the overtime the Swiss were quite lucky: “Yesterday we played a similar game and lost in the end. Today we had a chance to make up for it,” said the best player of Switzerland in this game, Emanuel Antener.

This young player was at his first Championship and won his first medal: “It’s a great feeling also because we didn’t start the Championship as we imagined it. But I as well as the whole team improved game after game and in the last two games we played great floorball.”