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Sunday, 14 December 2008 Print E-mail
Skružný: It was the best championship in history
The numerous Czech spectators were nourishing the hope of bronze medals for exactly 22 seconds. After the shot of Vojtěch Skalík the Czechs turned the score of the match but Hofbauer brothers made up a very quick goal and sent both teams to play overtime.

The Czechs lost thus they must content with the unpopular fourth place: „As well as yesterday we made a lot of chances but only little of them we managed to finish with a goal,“ said the coach Skružný and so he mentioned the most thorny problem that distressed the Czech team even in two previous matches. Despite the fact that the Czech Republic did not reach any medal, Zdeněk Skružný was very satisfied with the championship: „I say straight that it was the nicest championship I’ve ever experienced. I said the same to the players in a dressing room and I emphasized that they can be really proud. They have made really a lot for Czech floorball in the past ten days.“

At the same time the Czech coach did not want to speak about which player made which mistake: „If I have the reason to say something to somebody, I will do it personally. Now, immediately after the championship, it makes no sense but I don’t say that we were without mistakes in these matches.“ As for the future of representation, Skružný only explained that his contract has terminated today and he will discuss the possible future cooperation after Christmas with the President of ČFBU, Filip Šuman, and everything must be solved very quickly because the representation has other actions in February: „I think that it will be clear by 15th January,“ concluded Skružný.