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Sunday, 14 December 2008 Print E-mail
Matthias Hofbauer: It’s a satisfaction for us
The captain of the Swiss team Matthias Hofbauer hung a bronze medal on his neck today. After the lost semifinal with Sweden his team managed to concentrate on the bronze medal game and defeated the home Czech team. “There’s no point in thinking about yesterday anymore. Now we can already celebrate,” Hofbauer said after the game.

What was your goal before the tournament?
We wanted to bring home a medal, above all. Of course it might have finished even better but bronze medals are a satisfaction for us for the yesterday’s loss with Sweden.

Was it difficult to find motivation for the 3rd place game?
It was, really. Yesterday we were so close to the final. But sadness is alright. You cannot just cool down and forget about the disappointment. Today we tried to focus on a new game and managed to prepare ourselves very well for it.

What was the battle against the home team like?
Very difficult. The Czechs had a really good tournament and players such as Zálesný are very dangerous. Moreover, the atmosphere in the hall was unbelievable.

What did you say to yourself after the Czechs managed to turn the score around in the third period?
It’s indescribable. Suddenly we realized we need to do something about that quickly. The mood on the bench was not very good but we showed our strength and that’s what decided. We were growing as a team for quite a long time and at the training camp half a year before the Championship we were already prepared for the tournament. Never before have we gone for our goal so resolutely. Now, in difficult moments we knew that we can keep on fighting hard. And unlike yesterday, today we were a bit luckier in the end.

So, are you satisfied with the tournament?
As a captain of our team, I am.

And personally as a player?
I have to say that this was not my best Championship here. I was expected to play better. To score goals. But last month I was sick quite often and haven’t trained much. Also during the Championship I was tackled quite roughly several times and haven’t really felt OK. Therefore, I didn’t really manage to get into good form and so I tried to make up for it by fighting hard at least.