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Sunday, 14 December 2008 Print E-mail
Aleš Jakůbek: Details decided the game
Aleš Jakůbek answered the journalists’ question about what decided the today’s game very simply: “The opponents scored one goal more than we did. Other than that it was about details.” Huge disappointment was apparent in his eyes, like in the other Czechs.

“We had great opportunities again. After reducing the score we really believed we would make it for the bronze medal, our fourth goal came out of euphoria and I think the Swiss were a bit nervous as well,” the defender continued. “The problem is that we worked really hard to score each goal,” the team captain Radim Cepek commented on the game.

“When we were in the 4:3 lead we should have calmed the game down, played patiently and hold the ball. Unfortunately, we allowed an unlucky goal. We wanted to make it to the penalty shoot-out,” the attacker Vojtěch Skalík revealed possible causes of the loss.

“It’s a big disappointment. Fortunately, the spectators were amazing and already one minute after the end of the game they cheered us up to the top, as if we had won the medal. We have to send them big thanks,” Jakůbek paid compliments to the audience. “We definitely have the best fans in the world,” Cepek added.