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Sunday, 14 December 2008 Print E-mail
Tiitu: I’ve just been lucky
History is rewritten. The World Champions title goes to Finland. Tero Tiitu, the scorer of the winning goal in the overtime, radiated happiness.

„We didn’t play so excellently, the first period and last ten minutes were brilliant. We have to improve many things until the next championship,“ started seriously Tiitu, who succeeded just in overtime.

„For some reason the Swedes played very passively, somehow sleepy. In the first period we played on bounds of our possibility, everyone did hid best. We believed that we can score ten goals like that,“ continued Tiitu who was glittering thanks to the gold chads on his face.

In the second period Sweden reduced to a one-goal difference. Tero Tiitu said to this situation: „I was almost sure that he opponent would come back to the match. Fortunately, we came back at the end in return.“

After last ten minutes, when Finland reduced the score difference, there was a very equal game in overtime with chances on both sides: „After this end of the regular game time we really believed in ourselves and we had several good chances, I was just lucky at the end. Rickie managed the goal,“ admitted Tiitu.