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Sunday, 14 December 2008 Print E-mail
Jihde: Life goes on
You planned a grandiose finish of your representation career. However, finally you became the first Swedish captain who is coming back home without the gold medal. „Hard day bur life goes on,“ said Niklas Jihde.

What crossed your mind when Hyvärinen and Tiitu were speeding towards your goal in overtime?
Just one word. Damn! Everything suddenly vanished. It was sure they would succeed. Excellent goal.

What did you say to each other after the fourth goal of the Finns during overtime?
That we mustn’t worry. There was no reason for it. The Finns were more concentrated at the beginning and stormed us but then we started to play just like real Swedes.

When you succeeded to turn the score, did you think you would win?
I was almost sure by that. We always managed to win over the Finns, we believed in ourselves.

Yet, you have a smile on your face. How are you feeling?
Very bad. After I come to the dressing room, it will be much worse. I know that it’s only floorball, but this defeat really hurts.