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Sunday, 14 December 2008 Print E-mail
Hyvärinen: Tiitu couldn’t miss
He played his first world championship but he was one of the best players. He scored four of seven Finnish goals in the final. Even the most important one in overtime. „Tiitu couldn’t miss. When I passed to him he only had an empty goal in front of him,“ said Rickie Hyvärinen.

How would you describe the crunch goal?
I got the ball thus I immediately started the counter-offensive. Thanks to Kohonen we outnumbered with Tiitu and so I could pass to Tero so that he could score without problems.

You’ve played your first world championship and suddenly you got a gold medal. How are you feeling just now?
I can’t describe, excellently.

You started brilliantly but Sweden managed to reverse your four-goal lead. What happened?
Two power plays helped us at the beginning. After that we started to be passive. We stayed on place.

What was the atmosphere on your bench when Sweden got to lead?
It wasn’t so hard. I knew we would do something.

Weren't you worried that you could be defeated by the Swedes?
I didn’t think of it any second. Even when the Swedes reversed the score and we were suddenly losing, I believed in our victory. We have excellent moral and team spirit.

Was it the advantage for you in today’s match that you play in Sweden all your life?
Yes, a little. I know all the boys from the Swedish team very well. I know all their strengths and weaknesses and I tried to take the advantage of it.

Was it the most difficult match of the tournament for your team?
Hard to say. Of course, it was the final, the high point of the tournament. However, we played a very hard match yesterday against the Czech Republic.

Have you ever won any more important match?
It’s very hard to compare. But in any case I’m satisfied with today (smile).

Do you know how you will celebrate today’s triumph?
Not at all. We don’t have any plans. We’ll just enjoy it.