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WFC under patronage of Prague and Ostrava

The representatives of the organizing cities expressed in the last days the importance of support of Prague and Ostrava over the WFC 2008. The official patronage was granted by both city mayors at the same time. Due to what reason got this event such a significant support and what is the official point of view on it will explain in a short interview Mrs Marie Kousalíková, the assistant to city mayor for the area of education and free time and then Mr Lubomír Pospíšil, the Ostrava city mayor for culture, sport and free time.

Prague and OstravaMadame Kousalikova, what had the biggest influence on the decision to grant the patronage?

In spite of the fact that floorball is a young sport, it has reached a big boom in the last 15 years of its existence, having Prague for its cradle (especially Prague 6, Tatran Střešovice - Czech Champion for 11 times). Prague has supported many Floorball events so far, including Czech Open and Prague games. On Prague schools floorball has become the sport number one. As for number of registered members in youth categories, floorball is on the second rank just after football.

What benefit do you personally see in floorball?

Not many people realize that if there are young girls and boys training floorball twice or three times per week and having matches in the weekends, their parents and the society don’t have to solve problems of children’s obesity, smoking, alcohol, vandalism - sprayers, drugs. What’s more, floorball is one of few collective games with equal opportunity for both boys and girls.

According to your opinion, what importance will have the upcoming WFC taking place in Prague?

 I think that WFC will be one of the most important international events organized in Prague in 2008 and in the Czech Republic as such. It’s all about support of sport, children and at the same time, an event that will attract a big amount of tourists to Prague. We are expecting 50 000 spectators. I find these good reasons for the patronage.


Mister Pospisil, what was the reason for the representatives of the city to pay a special attention to the WFC 2008?

In the city, there has been a floorball club FBC Pepino for many years that takes the leading positions in the top home competition every year. Thanks to them and sufficient number of youth players, Ostava is after Prague the second biggest center of this sport. Away teams playing in Ostrava complain about the great spectators‘ support that is demotivationg for them but motivating for the home team. With reagards to the fact that there are two top stadiums in Ostrava, where can be held matches of top quality, the city is made to organize the championship.

What is the city of Ostrava expecting of its cooperation and support of the championship?

Ostrava expends a considerablet amount of money to make the city visible. Its profile is not only being a cultural but also a sports center. After the world championship of athletes up to 17 years, the world ice hockey championship and others, it will be glad to become the scene of the WFC. Floorball is played at almost every school and it is likely to become even more popular.

What is your personal attitude to floorball?

Not only am I interested in floorball as for the relation with the FBC Pepino but also for the reason that my son used to play it for many years. I actively helped to make floorball visible in Ostrava and I am convinced that even this sport will have brilliant future.