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Friday, 16 November 2007 Print E-mail
Czech success on U19 WFC

One year before the beginning of Men‘ s World Championship in the Czech Republic, the national junior teams could confront their powers in Switzerland. As it has almost became a custom in the men’s category, the world champion title was taken by the Swedish, who overtook their opponents having a significant difference. Even the Czech team under direction of trainers Škubal and Mrázek did well, as they brought, from the 4th WFC of this category, silver medals.

Silver Czech TeamIn their group our national team successively defeated Slovakia 10:4, went down 3:8 to Sweden and again defeated Latvia 8:6 in the crunch match for the qualification to the semi-finals. The Czech revanched their last defeat from the last championship and sneaked among the best four teams.

The results of the second group decided Finland to be their opponent for the semi-finals. Finland defeated all his rivals, including the home team, and from the first position for itsself ensured the first match of the finals without Sweden. However, the Czech team was no easy rival as expected by the Finns; they led 2:1 and the Czech kept up with them. After Šebek, Jelínek a Krečmer scored before the end of the second third, the score was 4:2 in our favour.

Even in the last third, the Czech kept calm with a high pace and could celebrate the result 6:4 after the final signal as well as the first historical qualification of our junior team for the finals. However, the Swedish were stronger and finally defeated our team 9:3. Even the Finnish, Swiss and also Czech national A-teams‘ coaches didn’t want to miss this event. It will be interesting to see, whether some of the juniors will get the chance to show his skills among the “adults“ during the following 12 months and to project himself before the Czech spectators in Prague or Ostrava.

Detailed information, statistics and pictures to be found on the official websites of MS U19 – www.wfcj2007.ch.