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Monday, 28 January 2008 Print E-mail
The contract with Sazka Arena signed

It has been finally confirmed that final days of the championship are going to take place in the most exclusive venue of the Czech Republic.Sazka Arena has the reputation of Europe´s most modern multi-purpose arena and was opened for the 2004 ice-hockey world championship. It can seat more than 17.000 spectators and floorball is going to be the second team sport whose world championship is being organized there.

Sazka ArenaNegotiations have not really been easy, have taken almost two years and on more than hundred pages, the contract covers all imaginable details. Filip Šuman, the head of the 2008 organization committee on the deal: “This has been really the hardest nut to be cracked so far in the WFC organization process but all the time there was the only thing on our minds – and that was to make this top event of Czech floorball history to be ended up right here in this exclusive venue.”

Moreover, the final days of the championship may become the highlight for worldwide floorball. “It is simply a fact that the quality of international floorball is increasing and whoever has seen a final game of any of the recent world championships will agree that it is an amazing experience. On the top of it, Sazka Arena will be the largest arena in history to host a floorball game so the breaking of game attendance record set at the 1996 WFC as 15.106 spectators watched the final game at Globen arena in Sweden,” Filip Šuman added.

The quality of the venue has also resulted in organizational costs. “However, we decided not to transfer the costs into the ticket prices. We have better chosen the way of creating a perfect atmosphere inside the arena and we have to find another way to get the money we need – mostly from the partners of the championship,” Filip Šuman concludes.

Ticket prices can be found here.